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first post

okay, this goes back to a discussion i had with a friend a few days ago. i just recently watched the movie "a clockwork orange" sometime around a month ago. it's a great and yet horrible movie i might add. anyway, i was talking with a couple of friends about how i think the main character (at the beginning of the movie at least) could easily have been a club kid. unfortunately neither of them knew what the hell a club kid is, so it was kind of hard to explain it to them. i absolutely love that character's fake eyelashes on one eye. and it's not just his fashion sense that made me think that, it's the little things like the fact that him and his buddies had their own words. for example "droogies" and michael alig had his "skrink and skrod" and other such things. so i got to thinking, maybe it's possible that movie influenced the early club kids a little? or maybe the club kids were already around and the movie helped to further the cause a little? if anyone has any idea or wants to add thier own ideas, please reply.

see you soon, my droogies
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